We get asked all the time, “How did He’s Not Here get its name?” To tell you the truth, we’ve heard a few stories behind the name. Some of those legends are:

  • The original owner who always avoided calls repeated the phrase “he’s not here” so often, it became the obvious choice for the bar’s name.
  • In a scene from an old movie featuring Jackie Gleason, a bartender answered the phone and said, “He’s not here.”
  • “He’s not here” became the bartenders’ refrain for callers in search of a certain famous UNC athlete.
  • Wives and girlfriends often call the bar, only to hear “he’s not here.”

He’s Not Here on the Village Green first opened its doors to thirsty customers on a cool day back in November, 1972. Our original name came from the fact that grass once covered our courtyard at a time when Chapel Hill was a village, not yet a city.

Lots of folks have met their future spouses here, believe it or not. One great story tells the tale of a gentleman who visited HNH on his 23rd wedding anniversary. He came in recently to buy the bench his wife was sitting on when he proposed to her.

One Karaoke Sunday several years back, a gentleman sang “You’ve Lost That Loving Feeling” to a girl he barely knew. He knows her really well now- today they are happily married with three kids.

Other HNH facts:

We’ve hosted too many 21st birthday parties to count.

HNH traditionally serves as the last hole on Senior Bar Golf Night.

An automotive garage with two bays downstairs originally occupied the HNH building.

Legend has is that the top floor of HNH once housed a topless bar. Go figure.

He’s Not has always been frequented by athletes from UNC and Dook and have had recent visitors that include Tino Martinez, Country Star Chase Rice, Members of the Washington Capitals, Blue Grass Band Trampled By Turtles, and even the Travelocity Gnome.

Employee of the Year:

2012- Owen Hunt
2013- Joey Guy